QUOTE | “Me and my son have an Xbox One, and we wanted to play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2, and we didn’t get that opportunity. I was like, c’mon man, I didn’t come here to buy stuff. I came here to enjoy games.” - A father discusses the “really disappointing” open-to-the-public E3 Live show this week. The ESA said 20,000 people attended the free event just a block away from E3 proper.

Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | “That’s scary as hell, honestly. That’s the thing I’m struggling with the most: trying to manage people’s expectations.” - Original Diablo designer David Brevik talks about the shift from running Marvel Heroes outfit Gazillion to starting up his one-man studio, Greybeard Games.


QUOTE | “So our model’s not really built around selling you a new console every one or two years. The model is almost the exact opposite. If I can keep you with the console you have, keep you engaged in buying and playing games, that’s a good business.” - Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer explains why Project Scorpio and Xbox One S sales ultimately may not matter.

QUOTE | “Virtual reality is a medium that’s in its infancy. With such a nascent, very new form of storytelling, it’s difficult to predict what user uptake is going to be.” - Sony’s Andrew House suggests Sony may be a bit conservative with PlayStation VR product at first, resulting in short supply of the headset at launch.QUOTE | “Sony is leveraging major brands as experiences in a way that almost makes the quality question an afterthought. The possibility of being Batman or flying a Tie Fighter will be enough to get many PS4 owners to purchase regardless of the quality of the experience.” - EEDAR’s Patrick Walker applauds Sony’s initial PlayStation VR lineup.

QUOTE | “With us, we want to make sure that our next content is going to be mainstream and mass market approachable, and when something like VR is at that point, you can expect Nintendo to be there.” - Reggie Fils-Aime explains why Nintendo doesn’t have a VR system yet. Last year, his reason was simply that VR games weren’t fun.

QUOTE | “We don’t think exclusives are a good idea for customers or developers.” - Valve’s Gabe Newell, just before explaining why his company gives some VR developers funding without insisting their games are exclusive to the HTC Vive.


QUOTE | “We’ve had a long history of success with Activision, and we still have a great relationship with them. But the future of the Spider-Man console games is with Sony and Insomniac.” - Marvel Games head Jay Ong possibly implying (or perhaps we’re inferring) that Insomniac’s Spider-Man game for PS4 is just the first of many.

STAT | $5.5 billion - The value of Japanese mobile messaging service Line Corp, according to the company’s IPO filings. The app is integrated into and required by a number of hit games, including Disney Tsum Tsum.


STAT | $9 billion - The value of Clash Royale studio Supercell, if a Reuters report about Tencent planning to buy the company from SoftBank is accurate.

QUOTE | “When it comes to the larger issue of violence in our country and gun violence in video games, I think we’re in a much better place today with people’s universal understanding that this industry does not cause any of the violence that you see in our society.” - ESA president Michael Gallagher discusses the industry’s response the day after the Orlando LGBTQ night club shooting.

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