This Week In The Business: “Difficult to Excuse.”

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Peaked in some respects." - M2 Research's Billy Pidgeon on the status of Xbox 360 in the market and the chances that Microsoft announces new hardware at E3 2012.


QUOTE | "The market opportunity is there." - THQ boss Brian Farrell talks about Homefront actually achieving Call of Duty type sales success someday.

TWIST | Will the Battlefield franchise follow in footsteps of Call of Duty with annual releases, as EA scrambles to catch up to rival Activision in the shooter category?

STAT | One-Third – Nearly the number of people who actually chose improved motion controls over HD graphics and robust online in a poll about desired Project Cafe features.

QUOTE | "Very concerning." - Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack on the Sony network breach and how it "undermines" consumer confidence in digital markets.


STAT | $100 Million – The estimated cost analyst Michael Pachter says EA is pumping into Star Wars: The Old Republic ($80 million on development, $20 million on marketing).

STAT | Two million – The sales mark that Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Dead Rising 2 each achieved as Capcom had five million-sellers in the last year.


STAT | 700% - The massive increase in pre-orders for EA's Battlefield 3 compared to the number for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 before its launch.

QUOTE | "Difficult to excuse." - The opinion of security experts on Sony's terribly weak network defenses and handling of the PSN fiasco.


QUOTE | "A lot of life left." - Harmonix VP Greg LoPiccolo on the future of the Rock Band franchise and the creative direction it could take.

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