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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Console is not dead."—David Cole, analyst at DFC Intelligence, talking with other execs about the global gaming market and how consoles will bring in $25 billion in 2017.


QUOTE | "If PC gaming died, it came back rather quickly as a surprisingly sprightly and rosy-cheeked zombie."—Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about how consoles still have plenty of life in them .

QUOTE | "The Wii U could find itself on the outs sooner than Nintendo would like."—Chris Morris, game journalist, talking about Nintendo's poor E3 showing and what their exec's statements really meant.


QUOTE | "In many ways I am not all that excited about the next generation."—John Carmack, legendary game programmer and Doom creator, talking about next-gen consoles and why his virtual reality headgear is cooler.

STAT | 845 million—Number of users on Facebook, whose games product manager says "Games are extremely important to us."

QUOTE | "Investors are genuinely concerned about EA, rather than simply being spooked by rumors."—Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about EA's stock price drop this year and why it's happening.

STAT | 700,000—Number of units of indie dungeon crawler Binding of Isaac has sold, which surprised developer Edmund McMillen.


QUOTE | "Ultimately, devices connected to the internet in a Windows-type environment are going to win"—Arthur Lewis, Dell exec, talking about why Alienware will win the battle for the living room.

STAT | $20 million—Amount that THQ has reduced their sales expected for fiscal year 2013 due to the delay of Enter the Dominatrix, their Saints Row the Third expansion.


QUOTE | "We love SmartGlass. I think it's a killer initiative."—Frank Gibeau, EA Labels boss, talking about Microsoft's SmartGlass and how it puts pressure on Nintendo.

STAT | 2 years—Amount of jail time you could face in Japan for illegally downloading games or making unauthorized copies, if a proposed law passes.


QUOTE | "The Xbox 720 'leak' strains credibility somewhat but offers some interesting ideas."—Richard Leadbetter, Eurogamer's technology expert, analyzes the document supposedly from Microsoft about the next-gen Xbox and beyond.

QUOTE | "I can't accept there's too much violence, when now there's more of everything."—Johnny Minkley, game broadcaster, talking about why violence in games is not a problem for the gaming industry.


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