Game Developers Conference blocked me from recommending comics to you last week, but nothing stands in my way this time.

Here are some picks for the week...

Comics You Should Consider Buying

Batman Inc. #3 The long-delayed third issue by writer Grant Morrison, chronicling Bruce Wayne's efforts to build a Batman franchise. We're going to South America.


Superboy #5 It features Superboy racing Kid Flash. Superman/Flash races almost always have cheesy photo finishes. Surely, clever writer Jeff Lemire will give us a clever twist? I'm rooting for Kid Flash. I always root for the Flashes. If they can't win a race, what good are they?

Thor The Mighty Avenger Vol 2 Imagine a Thor comic full of sweet all-ages stories about our favorite Norse hammer-wielding hero. Critically acclaimed, even. Oh, and cancelled. Don't let that stop you. Collects four issues of the comic. Official summary: "Harvey Award-winner Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee continue their epic reimagining of the God of Thunder as Thor tests his might against the strange and powerful Sub-Mariner; uncovers the mystery of why he was thrown from Asgard, but has his efforts sidetracked by the awesome engine of destruction known as Fin Fang Foom; does battle with raging robots; and fights side-by-side with Iron Man, for the very first time!"

Comics With Video Game Connections

Infamous #1 Official summary of what sure sounds like an adaptation of the first PlayStation 3 game, not this year's sequel: While delivering a mysterious package, bike courier Cole MacGrath is caught in a massive explosion that gives him electric superpowers. As his world collapses around him, Cole must defend himself and his city from government forces that'll stop at nothing to capture him.


And Over On The iPad…


The Comics app by Comixology has a free copy of Human Target #1. The star is a guy who disguises himself and takes the role of assassination targets. Any Human Target comics written by Peter Milligan are worth reading, especially the 2003 series, whose first issue is free on that app. Public service announcement: slowly but surely Alan Moor'e Swamp Thing run is being released through the DC Comics app. Alan Moore is a writer so good that he made the adventures of a man made of plants one of the best-written comics of all time. (But also a warning: the app starts with Swamp Thing #27, even though Moore's run began with #21. Get that first volume in print, then go virtual.)

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