This Type Of Kill Cam Shows An Amazing Yet Lame Way To Die In Call of Duty

Lame or anticlimactic kill cams aren't so rare: in fact, I'd bet that most of the final kills we view at the end of multiplayer matches aren't noteworthy at all. But there are weak endings to matches...and then there's this.

Dying by way of care package also isn't new—heck, there are medals for it in previous Call of Duty games. It's never happened to me and I've never done it to someone else, but they happen. As a final kill cam though? What a way to go. I'd probably go between feeling humiliated and tickled that something like that happened to me.

The video above, by YouTube user Stephanie Peters, is a recent Black Ops II clip showcasing this unfortunate/amazing type of kill cam. There are older ones, like this one, and this one.


They all just reinforce how absurd this type of kill cam is, really. I can't think of a worse way to die in a kill cam, but feel free to show us videos of your own examples!

Skeph658 - Black Ops II Game Clip [Stephanie Peters]

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