Not only is the apartment building named after the British pop star, but even its sign looks like Phil's autograph.

Spotted by @ MartinTokyo, @IanFMartin and @sandrajapandra (via Buzzfeed), the building is officially called Phil Collins Musashino (フィルコリンズ武蔵野), with Musashino being the area of Tokyo where it's located. A Phil Collins apartment! That's kind of groovy.

[Photo: Google Maps]

According to Japanese fan site Genesis Tribute, the building was constructed back in 1988, back when Phil was super popular in Japan. The apartment is apparently well-known among Japanese Genesis and Phil Collins fans.

[Photo: mitaka-chintai]

But seriously, you would expect a bit more—like a giant Phil Collins poster inside. The entrance is nothing special. You would never know it was the Phil Collins building! Though, Genesis Tribute found a trashcan with popstar's name written in Japanese on it. Draw your own conclusions from that.

[Photo: mitaka-cjs]

One room su-su-studios are available for around 60,000 yen (US$592) a month.

その名は「Phil Collins」! [Genesis Tribute]

What!! Pack it in, everyone [@sandrajapandra via Buzzfeed via @tokyorich]

Top photo: sumaity

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