This Square Enix RPG's Name Sounds Terrible, Looks Just Fine

There's a new Square Enix game on the way for the Nintendo 3DS called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Even going by Square's ridiculous standards, it's a ridiculous name. Lucky, then, it looks so damn good.


Understand that this appears to be an incredibly "traditional" Japanese role-playing game, and that I'm talking about its visuals, not how it plays. Which, let's be honest, we all pretty much know how it'll play.


Square Enix hasn't often been able to recreate its glorious concept art in its video games; older titles were too pixellated, newer ones have either been too polygonal or too shiny. This, though, with its hand-drawn style and moody lighting, looks to get things just right.

It'll be out next year.

Bravely Default [Tiny Cartridge]

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Fernando Jorge

I wonder if they think these ridiculous titles sound nice in English or if they ignore that and just go for something in English that somehow sounds nice in Japanese.