This Skyrim-Inspired Trials Evolution Track Lets You Vroom Through Tamriel

The latest physics-intensive racer from RedLynx features a killer track editing system that lets users build ridiculously intricate environments. As seen on YouTube, one Trials Evo creator paid homage to Bethesda's hit action RPG with a medieval race course. The only thing it's missing are Jarls and Hold Guards. I personally will be logging on later to get my Dovah-Moto on.


Faster Travelling Through Riften [BethBlog]

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Not only did the guy suck, which made it incredibly unimpressive to watch - the course wasn't even Tamriel like the title lead me to believe.

I was expecting to see snippets of the different provinces. You couldn't even say 'vroom through Skyrim' because it was only a small section of Riften and the Thieves Guild.

The course itself was pretty good looking though, I have no idea what goes into creating these but it looked pretty spot on - didn't look so great as an obstacle course though.