You’d figure that the guy running a fighting game tournament would be able to take out a grade-schooler with ease, right? Not exactly. In the first few matches of this Tekken Tag Tournament 2 face-off, CEO Gaming bossman Alex Jebailey gets worked over good seven-year-old opponent King Rey, Jr. It’s kind of painful to watch.

King Rey, Jr. looks to be a prodigy along the lines of Lil Poison, the competitve Halo player who was notable for being so good so young. Jebailey makes a comeback about a third of the way in, which takes the edge off the embarrassment a little bit. Now, as his trainer/dad says on the shoutcast commentary, Junior’s strategy needs work. But, he still poses a stiff challenge for Jebailey and the battle turns into a real down-to-the-wire nail-biter at the very end. And you’ve gotta say one thing for this kid when compared to the seasoned pros of the FGC: that’s a totally cute celebration at the end.