This Saturday, I'll Be Boiling Wieners

To: Fahey From: Bashcraft RE: In My Apartment, Everyone Can Hear Me Scream Won't be grilling them, just boiling. Sad, yet true, but this Saturday morning at 9am, Mrs. Bashcraft and I will be working the hot dog stand at Mini-Bash's school festival. The school assigned all the parents to different jobs at the various stands at the festival. So, for example, the hot dog stand has three different jobs: Selling the hot dogs, grilling the hot dogs and boiling the hot dogs before grilling them. Grilling the dogs is prolly the best of the lot, followed by selling them. But boiling? Like, watching water boil? Swell, can't wait. What you missed last night Rumor: E3 2009 To Bring Back The Crowds, Maybe The Spectacle Islamic Group Weighs In On LBP Recall Your Left 4 Dead Achievements Are Here Let's Japanese Lifetime Console Sales Figures! Rumor: Fable II CE Release Gets Bonus Last Minute Screw Up Crummy-Looking Dragonball Movie Getting Reshoots Mila Kunis *Hearts* World of Warcraft How Does Max Payne Stack Up Against Other Game Movies? Ten Ways To Screw Up A Game Launch Read A Short Bit of Arcade Mania Right Now Over 140,000 New PSPs Sold In Just Four Days Kid Goes Missing, Dad Blames Xbox, Call Of Duty


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Wait, are they real hotdogs, or are they some sort of BS like ウインナーソーセージ or アメリカンドッグ?