This Portal Rap Song May Have Read Your Dirty Mind

Illustration for article titled This emPortal/em Rap Song May Have Read Your Dirty Mind

Dorkly's "Wish I Had a Portal Gun" is a rough and clumsy little rap tune that inevitably travels to that NSFW place many a player's mind has discovered when imagining what they'd do if they got their hands on a little Aperture Science tech.

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Kinda funny.... listening though makes me wonder why so many people that rap attempt to all talk the with that same urban though it's a requirement in this day and age when you're just rhyming to a beat. It would be like if rock singers decided to all sound like The Who or Rolling Stones. I do get that in a comedy rap like this, you're just trying to mimic for comedic effect...just surprised how in such a saturated music genre more people wouldn't want to stand out in some auditory way.