Or my bedroom. Or the den. Or the dining room. Wherever, this huge cabinet can fit. It doesn't matter.

Steel Chronicle: Ganesh is an upcoming arcade game from Konami. The cabinet, which features huge screens inside, is very, very large. It also has feedback and a sound system to help immerse you even more.


The game uses two sticks and two pedals for controls, with the left pedal being jump and the right being boost. There is also a touch panel submonitor.

As you can see in these photos from 4Gamer and GameWatchImpress, the whole thing looks incredibly cool:

Glad to see Konami making a huge arcade cabinet like this. Steel Chronicle: Ganesh will be out this year in Japan.

【JAEPO 2014】KONAMIブースレポート [GameWatchImpress]

[JAEPO2014]男の子の夢! [4Gamer]

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