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As day turns to night, as the baton passes from citizens of the free world to the non-Americans on Team Kotaku, as darkness enshrouds the Western hemisphere and I go off to play some Metroid Other M (while magically having a post that shows up on Kotaku an hour after I publish these words), I leave you with this plant:

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This plant has no business growing where it is growing.

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It does not care. You can call it a weed. It ignores you. It just keeps growing. What a plant!

It's growing from a crease in tilework at one of the entrances to the downtown C in New York City. It was there yesterday when I took these future award-winning photographs. Someone may have killed this plant by now. Or it soldiers on. Who knows? Aside from this being a sign that our Metropolitan Transportation Authority is not too good with the upkeep, this plant is an inspiration. Or it's a plant version of a cockroach. Let's go with "inspiration"


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Frosted Mini-Wheats

Oh wow, off to play the new Metroid. That won't release for over a month! Have you been given the final game already, or is this just a late late preview build? I know disc production and distribution takes time, so I suppose it's entirely possible that you have the finished game already.

I guess I'm envious either way though.