This Pixellated World Is More Than Skin Deep

You know the old saying "dig a hole to China?" It's rubbish. Dig a deep hole and you'll hit a lot more than that.

This astounding piece of pixel art is by Eric Poulton, and is called "Underneath It All". It shows that, once you crack the surface of this planet, you'll find a lot more than dirt. There are fish! And zombies! And...well, all kinds of weird shit that I won't spoil for you now.


If you've got a spare five minutes, Poulton's site is worth a poke around, especially if you like Steampunk and Star Wars. Or, God forbid, would like to see those two things together.

You can see the full image below, and if that doesn't work properly, you can see it full (and in reversible mode) at Eric's site, also linked below.

Underneath It All [Eric Poulton, via Geek-Art]

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