This Persona 3 Aigis Figure is Ready to Clean House (and Tidy Up Your Wallet)

The only thing better than the sexy autonomous anti-shadow weapon from Atlus' Persona 3 is that same sexy autonomous anti-shadow weapon in a maid outfit.

I sat this not because I have a thing for maids, but rather because my home is incredibly cluttered, and I figure an android could fix that.


In this case the android is the figure, and a lovely one at that. Standing a mere 10 inches tall, Aigis (or Aegis in Japan) is more than enough maid to clean your house, clean your clock, and cleanse your neighborhood of any evil lingering the in shadows.

Maid Aigis is manufactured by the fine folks at Yamato, set to be released in September for 9,180 yen (about $113 USD). Hobby Search started accepting preorders this week; I'd suggest hopping on that before the eBay folks do.

Isn't she gorgeous?

I recently picked up a bootleg Aigis Figma figure off of eBay (I didn't know it was bootleg, but I should have), and she is looking incredibly lonely up there. Did I mention my birthday was May 1? Just saying.


SIF EX Persona 3 Fes Aegis Maid Cloth Ver. (PVC Figure) [Hobby Search]

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