This PC Game Has Some of the Best Robots (And Boss Fights) I've Ever Seen

Intrusion 2 is an indie platformer for the PC that, at first glance, looks like a game of Scribblenauts where someone typed "big guns" and "giant robots" then the ability to enter anything else just disappeared.


Which is just fine. Because Intrusion 2 is splendid the way it is, thanks. It's got great robot design, and it's got enemies that are built like puppets, each limb its own entity, which adapts to the terrain and can be shot off, making them behave a lot more realistically than your standard platforming foes.

The icing on the cake? Check out that boss battle up top. I've never seen anything like it.

Intrusion 2 is $10 to buy, but there's a demo available for free on the game's official site (linked below).

Fight terrifying physics robots in the best action platformer you've probably never played [PC Gamer]

Intrusion 2 [Official Site]


Nicholas Payne

As well-made as this looks, I'm so burnt out on 2D indie nostalgiatron 2000-and-late edition.

The indie market of the moment can largely be divided into two things:

2D retro throwback games


Enough. I know that 2D is waaaaaaay cheaper than 3D, I know that reviving old genres is safer than experimenting with new ones, and I know that physics are a relatively easy way to make something super simple appear to have a lot of depth, but enough already.