Marcin Iwinski, CEO of Witcher developers CD Projekt, utters a little common sense as a palette cleanser to Ubisoft's increasingly farcical stance on PC gaming.

Rather than punish legitimate consumers, like much of today's DRM does, Iwinski instead sees added value as a means of combating piracy, luring customers in with things like collector's editions offering tangible goods you can't download off the internet.

To illustrate the point, CD Projekt released The Witcher 2 on retailer Good Old Games completely free of any DRM whatsoever. Sure, it was pirated (Iwinski estimates at least 4.5 million times), but that was going to happen anyway. The paying customers appreciated the gesture, and both developer and retailer won brownie points accordingly.

Interview: CD Projekt's CEO on Witcher 2 piracy, why DRM's still not worth it [PC Gamer]


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