Last Friday, a bunch of Pikachus began marching through Yokohama. Your typical Friday, this wasn't.

As previously reported, this is part of a Pikachu event this summer in Japan. Friday was the first day of the "Greet Pikachu" event, which features a stream of Pikachus. It's like these cute, yellow overlords have taken over, and this is their victory march.

The parade will be held three times a day until August 17 at Landmark Plaza in Yokohama. Below, you can have a look at the festivities, and keep in mind that August is traditionally one of the hottest months of the year in Japan. Those people inside must be sweltering.

[Photo: hinopika]

[Photo: hinopika]

[Photo: kepapakepa]

[Photo: drill8nov]

[Photo: drill8nov]

[Photo: SlopeHal]

[Photo: madamadao1]

[Photo: kipai2525]

[Photo: aobasumire]

[Photo: kamukon0806]

ピカチュウグリーティング [Yokohama Landmark]

超多!!XDDDDDDD [HanksDiary@Facebook Thanks, Jason!]

GIF: HanksDiary

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