This Nintendo Chair Would Have Improved My Childhood

I had as joyful a youth as anyone could have. My childhood included a Nintendo Entertainment System. But, man, imagine if my childhood included this Nintendo Super chair.


Surely, the Nintendo Chair would have enhanced my experience of Nintendo's classic games? Surely, this is not the most sturdy video game peripheral ever designed. Who cares?

The chair is going on sale by one Ed Siemienkowicz, who writes on Flickr:

Dating from 1988 or 1989, this chair is designed to use your body's movement as the joystick, with the A & B and Start and Select buttons on the sticks. It's best used with flying or driving games.

This rare item was acquired by my father at a trade show for imported products. The chair's maker, the Sangkharom Trading Company, brought with them a few working models and prototypes. This item NEVER went to market, so you can be the owner of such an exclusive and impossible to find gaming artifact!


Siemienkowicz says he'll be selling this chair on eBay. I don't want it that badly. In fact, I've got no room. Back in the day, though, yeah, I'd have tried this.

RARE! Nintendo Super Chair: FOR SALE [YouTube via friend-of-site Matt Hawkins' Twitter]

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Now, someone please make a N64 version of this chair. I'll buy 4 of them to rock out to Mario Kart 64. :D