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It looked like Grand Theft Auto, but it was very real—and almost very deadly.

Last week, a Hyundai YF Sonata pulled out of traffic and went tearing down the street, weaving through traffic, and piling into a stopped car. Ten people were injured (the driver broke ribs, while the passenger's vertebrae was damaged), and the crash entangled six cars. Thankfully, no one was killed.


The accident has been called the result of unintended acceleration, but the way the driver pulled out of his lane does make that claim suspicious. Black box footage has gone viral, and much of it resembles like 1976 French short film C'était un Rendez-vous (and pretty much every street racing game). That is, until the horrifying collision.

Korean authorities are looking into the accident, and according to LiveDoor News, they still do not know the cause.


ヒュンダイ車が突然150キロの猛スピードで疾走し激突、あわや大惨事に [韓フルタイム]