This New Vita Game Is Undeniably Adorable

This is SunFlowers, a casual game that will be out for PlayStation Vita this fall. A casual super cute game that will be out for PlayStation Vita this fall.


Sure, it looks like the type of title suited more for your phone or tablet than dedicated gaming hardware, but it also looks creative and fun.

Here's how lead designer Dr. Lakav describes SunFlowers:

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn. Thankfully, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

When a flower reaches maturity, two new seeds pop out on both sides of it. If one new seed drops on an empty space it will be planted. If there's already another flower the seed will bounce on it until it reaches a clear slot (and that's how you make Combos!).

Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your virtual garden, where you can watch your collection and even offer them to your friends or a "near" player. See if you can collect all the flowers!


No word on a price yet, but that'll be interesting to watch. Will people be willing to pay more than $1 for a game like this?

SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall [PlayStation Blog]

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Is this played while holding the Vita sideways???