This New SSX Trailer Remixes Run DMC to Showcase (What Else?) Tricks

Some players got sick of hearing "It's Tricky" Run-DMC's classic rap song every time you powered up and busted moves in 2001's SSX Tricky. Some didn't. EA's bringing back the snowboarding franchise's unofficial theme song, this time witha club-ready remix by producer Pretty Lights. The video highlights the Uber and Super Uber moves that you'll be able to pull off in the game. You can read Stephen Totilo's hands-on impressions of the upcoming SSX right here.

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That remix is utter garbage.

The original song is actually good. The remix just has endless wobble bass, completely removes the beat from the original song, and distorts the lyrics so much that I don't see why they even bothered. Shoulda just thrown in some generic dubstep instead.