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This New Resident Evil Pistol Looks Real Enough to Kill Zombies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While Resident Evil 6 might not have been the best survival horror game, it sure did have nice hairdos and cool looking firearms. That's probably why Airsoft gun maker Tokyo Marui is releasing a customized version of the SIG P226 that Leon Kennedy wields in the game.


This isn't a first: Tokyo Marui has collaborated with Capcom in the past, releasing replicas of the Samurai Edge, among others.

Priced at ¥27,090 and on sale next spring, this latest collaboration is limited edition and comes with a special hard carrying case.


Tokyo Marui showed off the gun at a hobby show last month. Military store Echigoya was on hand and snapped a few pictures of the replica. Have a look, and click each image to expand to full size.

2013 Limited Edition - Leon Custom [Tokyo Marui]

Correction: This is an original customized Division of Security Operations SIG that has been modified with Leon in mind. It's not the pistol he carried—apologies!