This New Game from the Lead Designer of Limbo Pops with Color

Ingenious puzzles and a chilling black-and-white aesthetic helped make 2011's Limbo a critically acclaimed hit. Now, the guy who crafted much of that indie success' gameplay has something new coming out, a stripped-down platformer called 140 that's exploding with rainbow hues.

The stark minimalism of Limbo is in evidence here but Jeppe Carlsen's new game also adds a rhythm element that seems to be a key part of the game's mechanics, too. 140 is due out for PC sometime soon.

Limbo puzzle designer's pet project, 140, is a polychromatic, pulsing platformer [Indie Games]

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Kirk Hamilton

Sound Shapes, anyone?

(This looks cool enough. I feel like it's possible Limbo was a lightning-in-a-bottle type of scenario.)