This Month's EVE Online Videos Showcase Expert Piloting

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Every month, EVE Online players like to share their favorite moments with each other. Countless videos are produced by players, showcasing their skills and prowess in battle, the beauty of the EVE game world, propaganda pieces for their groups, and news reports attempting to keep others up to date on the game. Here are a few standout videos from the last month that highlight EVE players’ creativity.


EVE player Samoth Dassie is one of the most successful and prolific pilots of one of EVE’s newest ships, the Ikitursa. The Ikitursa is an expensive ship introduced in the Invasion expansion, and not many players have truly mastered piloting it yet. According to a third party website that attempts to track and display every ship lost in EVE, Samoth is the 11th most successful Ikitursa pilot in the game.

The video, originally posted on Reddit, focuses mainly on flying the Ikitursa alongside a small group of friends. Samoth adds on-screen prompts to help people understand what’s going through his head while he risks this incredibly expensive ship.

Abyssal PVP sites were introduced to EVE last year. They’re meant to serve as proving grounds for players in one-vs-one winner-take-all fights. Once a player chooses to go into the “arena,” they can’t leave until they defeat their opponent. For an additional level of danger, the arena itself is unstable and will collapse if too much time goes by without a winner, destroying both ships.

Player Gustav Mannfred posted this video showcasing his strategy in Abyssal brawls. His ships are configured as slow-moving, heavily-armed and armored behemoths, with weapons systems that can cover the majority of the arena space. Gustav’s on-screen comments during the video explain the tactics he uses during his encounters, as well as tell a story about the people he is fighting.

This video showcases the culture and attitude of one of EVE Online’s new player-friendly corporations, Karmafleet. Because of their policy to accept players regardless of the amount of their experience in the game, they have become one of the largest and most active corporations in the game. Karmafleet veterans take pride in sharing EVE with new players and helping them succeed.


The video, created by Karmafleet pilot, Aidana Forwell, was shared on Reddit with little comment by EVE player Zul Eto, but other players have flooded into the post to share their experience with Karmafleet, and their reactions to the video. As a member of Karmafleet myself, the video does a good job capturing its corporation’s spirit.

Former CSM member Jin’taan has a very unique point of view on EVE Online, by virtue of being a member of the player-elected council that interfaces directly with developers. In his “Jin Talks” video series he explores topics about the entire game from an overarching perspective.


In this post, Jin’taan goes into great detail about the current perception of a problem with the balance between EVE’s massive capital vessels and the smaller subcapital vessels in the game. The perception is that players in null security space are currently using massive amounts of capital and super capital sized vessels to overwhelm entire fleets of smaller ships, with little to no risk to themselves. The massive vessels are able to completely dominate smaller ships, almost to the point of making them irrelevant. The video and the post that go alongside it have generated a lot of discussion from both players and CCP employees, talking about both the problem, and potential solutions to it.