I rarely get too caught up chasing down achievements in games, but every so often they get under my skin. "Make it through Ravenholm without using a gun, eh? Alright, it's on."


The feeling of accomplishment that comes with earning an achievement can be fleeting. What did I get, other than a little note that will only ever be noticed by weirdos who open my profile to compare achievements? Not much.

Thanks to 3JIou's new Skyrim mod "Achieve That", you can chase achievements in Skyrim and actually get rewards for completing them. Will this system ever match the old George Mallory-style intrinsic reward of climbing the mountain just because it's there? Probably not. Is it still kind of cool to chase 'em all down? Sure.


To use the mod, you'll need to have the Sky UI mod, which adds a Mod Configuration Menu to the game. There, you can access all 109 of the added achievements.

If you, like me, are considering starting up a new Skyrim character (for some ungodly reason oh god please stop me), it'll probably be fun to start fresh with new, useful achievements. For a more detailed look at the mod, head over to its Nexus Mods page or watch the video above, by Gophers Gaming Mods.

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