This Might Be The Most Ridiculous Fake Ending For Breaking Bad

The final showdown: Hank versus Walt. Who wins, how will it all go down? Well, since people can't stop asking Dean Norris, the actor behind Hank Schrader, how Breaking Bad will end, he took the liberty of writing a potential script for Funny or Die. And boy howdy, is it a hilarious one.


Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad from Dean Norris

Really, it's Norris' week. Did you catch Hank and Marie watching the VMAs by Sam Barnett? Also amazing, and based on last week's episode, in catch you haven't watched it (no real spoilers in here, though).

Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad [Funny or Die via Laughing Squid]

Hank and Marie Watch The Video Music Awards [Sam Barnett]


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