This Might be the Future of iPhone Gaming (Or Board Gaming? Or Both!)

The biggest problem with iPhone gaming at the moment is that, thanks to the lack of control options, it's hard to play a game with much meat to it. This rather left-field solution may have a...solution to that.


Granted, you lose much of the iPhones portability with this, but when you see what it's got to offer, you may judge that to be worth it.

This is the OggBoard, a fold-out board (and stand) that uses augmented reality to turn it into anything the game needs. Chess, RISK, whatever!


It won't change the way you play normal iPhone games, but it could change the way we play board games using the device, flipping the current status quo on its head: instead of playing the game on the phone, we'd simply use it as a gateway to play actual board games.

Oggboard [Oggboard, via TDW]

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Well, guess I can put my Android development stuff away. Wanted to try an AR board game as a proof of concept.


Oh well.