Usually, when you think that it might be cool if you could buy all your friends a copy of the game you're playing—so you can play together—it's just an idle fantasy. kaiaminalcrossing actually did it with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and they threw the most charming party for the presents, too.

"A while back I had the thought, 'I wish I could buy all my friends a 3DS and a copy of Animal Crossing.' The more I thought about it, the more I believed it wasn’t something out of my reach. I did a little bit of saving up and made enough to make it happen," kaiaminalcrossing writes.

So then this happened.



And, of course...the games (and 3DSes)—they didn't even need a slingshot to get these!

What a great friend.

Today was a really fantastic day. [kaiaminalcrossing]