This Man is Keeping the Spirit of WipeOut's Original Look Alive

Xander Davis is a game industry artist and graphic design fan, who after seeing the recent feature we ran on WipeOut and The Designers Republic dropped us a line.


In addition to his industry stuff (he's working on Darksiders II at the moment), Davis is setting up his own site called Alternareal, which he calls "a spiritual extension of the now dead Republic".

Spend around 3 seconds there and you'll see exactly what he means. Think of it as a tribute band to the design team which, for all its work in other fields and for other clients, will forever be remembered by millions as the people who have a futuristic video game racing series a look so distinct that it still looks amazing over fifteen years after we saw it.

Note that the site also serves as his portfolio, so if you've ever wanted to see the work of a man who designs video game user interfaces for a living, now's your chance.

Alternareal [Official Site]

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