This Lucky Couple Had the Voice of Bastion Narrate Their Wedding

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There were plenty of lovely things about Bastion, but one of its best features was its soundtrack. The combination of composer Darren Korb's groovy tabla-fueled psychedelia and narrator Logan Cunningham's throaty growl gave the game much of its unique, desolate charm.


Ars Technica tells tells the story of a Bastion fan named Jay Greschner who wrote in to Supergiant games to ask about getting Cunningham to narrate some lines for Creschner's upcoming wedding. From his letter:

Soon after, Greg Kasavin (writer and creative director of Bastion) got back to me and we had a brief discussion. In my initial e-mails I had sent a couple of example lines but Greg replied that the Narrator had a certain tone that he wanted to keep even though this was out of game and was wondering if he could write some stuff up for Logan. I had no problem with this and Greg said that they'd try and record some lines before PAX Prime.

A couple of days later, I got another e-mail containing 4 recordings that the Narrator had done for us and was just amazed and honored that Supergiant Games would do this for me.


Cunningham recorded a number of narrations that played throughout the ceremony, essentially "narrating" the proceedings in the same way that made Bastion such an interesting game. You can listen to his recordings over at Ars .

My favorite part is hearing Cunningham tell people (somewhat passive aggressively, if you ask me):

"Ain't a peep from one of those portable phone things as the ceremony gets underway."

A wedding featuring Bastion's narrator? For one fan, it happened [Ars Technica]

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Well, let's hope he did just narrate on the proceedings...

"The kid is ready with that shiny band, moving to seal the deal...but in his mind, he's thinking of last night's tussle with Big Boobed Betty. She sure lived up to that name."