This Kid Gets To Sleep Inside A Video Game Every Night

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A couple is expecting their second child almost any day now. In order to accommodate the baby, they'll need to move their first child out of the nursery and into her own room.


The nursery is Mario-themed. So what to do for the older kid room? Turn it into a full 360-degree surround representation of The Legend of Zelda, of course. So that's what the parents from Dork on a Dime did.

The room has everything from a heart-shaped lamp (for life, of course) to a "select item menu" built in. Oh, and of course, a giant Great Deku Tree bunkbed.


When I was two, Zelda didn't exist yet and even so my inner toddler is jealous of this girl and her parents. Scope out the original post for not only the full gallery, but a detailed how-to for you dedicated home decorators out there.

Drum roll please... ZELDA ROOM REVEAL [Dork on a Dime, via The Mary Sue]

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Nitpick: That's not a bunk bed, it's a little reading area with a couple of kid-size chairs and shelves. Still awesome as hell, though.