This Just Cause 2 Stunt Was Worth $10,000

All Daniel Steinberg of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, had to do to win $10,000 from Square Enix was fly a jet plane through a casino.


Steinberg is the winner of the Square Enix Just Cause 2 Stunt Challenge, beating out several solid competitors with his precision flying. It's not the most impressive Just Cause 2 stunt visually, but the skill it took making the plane fit through those windows was enough to impress the hell out of the contest's judging, and that's what counts.

"I've seen some impressive stunts from the JC2 community since release, but never anything like this - flying a plane through a casino? That takes balls" - Mike Oldman, Community Manager - Just Cause 2

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Congratulations, Daniel! Try not to blow up the bank before cashing that giant check.



I keep asking myself... why is this soo impressive? The game mechanics allows you to do much more impressive things. This was... I don't know, it surelly was precision flying but is it really worth $10k?

See this BF1942 video I posted? Now this was impressive. Not only the game mechanics are dull (it's a old game...) but the guy had to put some effort into it. Timing, speed, precision, and a little of Gravity exploit.

Oh wait... Nevermind... Square Enix contest. Must be had been judged by same guys who developed FFXIV UI.