This JRPG Voice Acting Is Not So Good

Voice acting sure seems easy, huh? You just read words and get paid. Simple! Well, no. Here's a masterclass in how not to do voice work. Above is the English VO for PS2 tactical role playing game Chaos Wars, which was released earlier this month in North America. The voice work is rather unmotivated — though Hayatemaru and Hyoma are somewhat trying. Does sound horribly fan-dubbish — though fan-dubs probably wouldn't mispronounce "Akihabara." Whoever voiced the monster, though, is a genius. Best keee, keee, keee we've heard in a while. Oh, Yoichi's voice is all kinds of awesome, too.


The good news that it's possible to play through the game with the original Japanese voices and English subtitles. Make that, recommended.

Horrifying Voice Acting In Chaos Wars [Insert Credit]



Couldn't watch it through... had to go STOP THE BLEEDING FROM MY EARS.

This is the ultimate horror for me. I'm a purist. I don't like dubbing not even when it's considered THE BEST DUB EVAR or something like that.

The gaming industry would be taking a whole lot more of my money if only they made all ported games with the original voices and subtitles.

But great news the game has that option... might try it. Would be nice to find a way to completely erase that dubbing from the disc too though.