Adult video actress often say they play video games, but few really play video games. Japanese AV lady Noa, star of MAX ORGASM, does. She's hardcore, yo.

The self-proclaimed hikikomori otaku blogs about playing games — games like Fable II. She name drops Peter Molyneux, reminisces about Fable I and talks about things how "the hardware has changed...[and] the graphics are considerably better."

When Call of Duty: World at War wasn't yet released in Japan, she bought the English language version — and then blogged about how much fun she had with the multiplay and the co-op. Two weeks after the game's Western release, she already reached Level 50 in World at War multiplayer.

She also posts about beating Way of the Samurai 3 and various Wii and DS games she owns. Her most recent entry is about her custom character in Saint's Row 2 and other Western games she's currently digging (Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2.)


"I think because more and more Western games are getting Japanese releases, it seems like we're in an age where the game world is shared," blogs the adult video actress.

Noa [NSFW Tantai Thanks Muu!]