This Japan-Only Xbox 360 Game's Graphics Are Disappointing

Strike Witches is a popular anime and manga series. It is coming to the Xbox 360, complete with not-very-good graphics. A shame!

Those on the Japanese internet are saying that the game looks like a Wii title, an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, a PSP title or even an original PlayStation game.


The sailor suit material isn't so bad, though! That price point, however, is.

The controversy is not about Xbox 360 rendering power. Instead, what is causing such an uproar is that this game will be sold at full price (¥7,329 or US$79!), instead of for like 800 Microsoft Points or $10. It doesn't look like a boxed title!

Compare this Xbox 360 Strike Witches to another Xbox 360 scrolling shooter, Omega Five.


That game was released for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade. In 2007.

Xbox360から出るストライクウィッチーズのゲームが酷いと話題に [痛いニュース(ノ∀`)]

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