This Isn't Real Sushi. These Are Diapers.

How cute. Japanese company Wire Orange is offering "Diaper Sushi" ("omutsu zushi" or おむつ寿司) as a present for new mothers.

The gift set is designed to look like sushi. Often in Japan, sushi is used in celebrations and special dinners, whether that's going out to eat, ordering sushi for home delivery, or making it at home.


So how does this diaper sushi work? Well, for example, the tamago (egg) is actually a sponge on top of a diaper.

That's awesome! And ebi (shrimp) is a bib and a clothes pin on a diaper.


And one more: Ikura (salmon roe) is a gel pack on a diaper. The diaper serves as the rice in diaper sushi. The gel pack can be frozen to, for example, be used in bringing down a baby's fever or baby milk.


So, so clever. No wonder many of the diaper sushi sets, which cost between ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 (US$56 ~ $111), are already sold out.

Just remember that the smelly diaper sushi is not part of the gift set. Very important!


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出産祝い新ギフト【おむつ寿司】とは? [YouTube]

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