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This Isn't Mario Kart Running on the PS3, But It's Close

Nobody at Sony is recommending that you recreate iconic tracks from Nintendo's Mario Kart in the upcoming PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet Karting. But what do you think is going to happen when you let gamers into a beta of a kart-racing game that has a very malleable track editor?


You get Mario Kart tracks in your LittleBigPlanet kart-racer, of course. We've got four of them in the video, via the game's just-concluded beta. DK Mountain and Bowser's Castle are the stand-outs. And they were only made in the limited one-month beta. When this game comes out in the fall, you can expect much better Mario Kart on Sony's console. Nothing official, of course.

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I was very annoyed at the very existence of this game because it kind of insults Modnation(i dont like kart racers but oddly enough i enjoyed it on ps3), and it seemed like sony was following in nintendo's footsteps again but this game looks really really good. Like i've never been so interested in a kart racer, mario kart pales in comparison to me.