This is Your First $10 Gears of War 3 DLC

On November 1, you can buy $10 more of Gears of War 3 in the form of the Horde Command Pack.

The pack adds three maps to the game's Horde and Beast mode (Blood Drive, Rustlung and Azura), three new characters (Onyx guard, Big Rig Dizzy and Bernie Mataki), two new weapon skins (Team Plasma and Jungle Camo). The new maps will also be playable in private Versus mode.


The most intriguing part of the bundle are the four fortification upgrades that will enhance the tower-defense aspects of the game's co-op Horde mode. Players will be able to build a new fortification called the Command Center that calls in snipers, mortars and Hammers of Dawn. They'll also be able to upgrade decoys into Onyx bots that fight for you, sentries into "fire bolt" sentries that are good against Berzerkers, and regular Silverbacks exo-suits into Silverbacks that can fire rockets.

The pack will cost 800 Microsoft points, or $10, and will be available for download on November 1. (It's part of the game's bulk-discount Season Pass, so if you paid for that, then this will unlock as part of it.) Microsoft also promises that Gears of War 3 will get at least three more add-on packs, offering more multiplayer and campaign content.


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