This is Your Brain On Call of Duty

The technology behind popular brain-control games like Star War's Force Trainer and Mindflex could make future video games more challenging, more frightening.


Puzzlebox Jigsaw is a high-tech solution to tracking what people think about the games they play by reading a gamer's mind as they play them.

Puzzlebox's Steve Castellotti created a system that uses Neurosky's neurofeedback EEG headset with a computer to track live how gamers react to games.


Castellotti walked me through how the system worked and then let me slip on an headset and play a round of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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In the top corner of the screen a live graph showed my levels of concentration and relaxation, updated live from feedback received through the headset.

Castellotti says that the feedback could be used by developers to help tweak everything from the difficulty to the emotional impact of games.


Unveiled earlier this week, Puzzlebox Jigsaw will capture video of a player's sessions and their neurometrics, colorful charts that show things like levels of attention, relaxation, and how often a player is in "the zone."

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Bearded Bastard

so we will now see a player doing well in a game, then see his "in the zone" levels off the charts, while his attention and relaxation are at all time lows, then he zones back into reality, attention, relaxation go up, ad his in the zone level drops to 0, and he starts doing numerically worse in the game.

kinda like a power play in hockey would theoretically look like