Red Riding Hood is going to be the protagonist of her very own "cinematic" action platformer called Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries. This Red Riding Hood is vengeful, angry, and wields an axe.

In this case, "cinematic" basically means that the game looks great:

It's like the evil, bloodthirstier twin of Trine, with a dash of American McGee's Alice and a pinch of Tim Burton thrown in. A dark take on a well-known fairy tale, plus hack and slash combat, in a very pretty side-scrolling environment.

The setting is fairly unique. The Big Bad Wolf is now B. B. Woolfe, evil CEO of Woolfe Industries, a corporation in control of the industrialized city—and the corporation which owns the factory where Red Hood's father died in a work accident. Except it was no accident, and Red Hood plans to prove this (with the help of her trusty axe).

The game is on Kickstarter, but GRIN, the Belgium-based dev studio in charge, came prepared: Woolfe is already greenlit on Steam, and the game itself, in development since January 2013, looks mostly playable. Plus there's this neat Kickstarter-exclusive thing they're doing where, if you're a backer, you get to customize the looks and stats of a Toy Soldier enemy, which they will then put in the game.


Funding is currently at 22%, with over $11,000 collected during the campaign's first day. So yeah, I'm pretty sure this one will be a success. Look for the game on Steam next year, and on Xbox One and PS4 at some point after the PC version's release.

Note: Woolfe was part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox presentation at this year's E3. So if you're getting deja vu, that's the reason.

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries [Kickstarter]

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