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Technically, these clothes by pixel artist Drew Wise aren't ugly sweaters. They're sweatshirts—there's a difference. But, if you were to show up at an ugly sweater party wearing any of these, I don't think anyone would fight you on your attire: these have the same spirit as ugly sweaters, no?

Or you might just be into these video game themed sweatshirts, regardless of upcoming ugly sweater parties. There's something about the "ugly sweater" aesthetic that makes it difficult to decide if the clothes are actually ugly, or just....quirky...?


Either way, you can buy these video game sweatshirts at Beloved Shirts as a part of the Drew Wise Collection if you'd like—unless Beloved's other offerings, such as a giant sloth face on a sweatshirt, lure you over.

(Via Laughing Squid)

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