This Is What The Retro Gamer Girl Is Doing With Metal Gear...

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Over the weekend, I stayed at home at waited for the baby to fall out of my wife. (It didn't, but rather, hung around in her womb and listened to my Prince albums.) On Saturday and Sunday, Osaka played host to the Games Japan Festa 2008. (Like I said, I was at home, with the wife, Prince records and a catcher's mitt.) The event is nowhere near the size of TGS, but Famitsu was there, reporting long lines for Metal Gear Online: Meme Expansion. The wait reached 90 minutes — compare that to the brisk 15-20 minute lines for The Last Remnant. Also. The Games Japan Festa answered a truly important question, what is the planet's greatest retro gaming pin-up model doing with Metal Gear? She's apparently wearing a beret and pointing a plastic gun at Famitsu photographers. That's Haruna Anno in the picture. Now that question is answered, let's movie on to the important stuff like what created the universe and how babies are made. Mysteries! 最新100タイトル以上が遊べた“第7回Games Japan Festa 2008”ではXbox 360の充実ぶりが際立つ [Famitsu]

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Answer to both questions. A big bang