Lots of people who are eagerly anticipating Star Citizen are already messing about inside the currently playable slices of the hotly anticipated next game from the creator of Wing Commander. But other people are not. If you're one of the latter, then take a look at the game in action.

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts took the stage this past Friday at the second Citizen Con, where he spoke at length about the past, present and future of the game. The upcoming space combat sim continues to break records for how much money it's raised via crowdfunding. And the video above—captured off the Citizen Con Twitch stream by YouTuber kingnewbs—provides a long, healthy look at where all that money's going.


If you want to see all Roberts' presentation, then two hours of deep-dive Citizen chatter await in the archived Twitch video below. The demo presentation starts at about 1:58:00.