This Is What Pac-Man's New TV Show Might Look Like

If you're wondering why this taste of the planned Pac-Man television show looks a little blurry, it's because you're supposed to be experiencing it in dazzling 3D, an effect hard to capture in internet video.

Namco Bandai and ex-Marvel Studios producer Avi Arad unveiled their vision for the new Pac-Man TV series at an E3 event last week, reportedly before they'd shown it to studios. This is Pac-Man as a high school teenager, an overeater who must protect the three-dimensional world from ghosts.

Given the short list of networks that broadcast content in 3D and the fact that this four-minute-long appears to be the extent of the project thus far, don't think we'll be seeing kid Pac-Man on Saturday morning cartoons for a while (if ever). Not sure if that's a bad thing...

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For all the nay-saying here, that wasn't even slightly worse than the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons I loved as child. Moreover, the artwork was pretty decent, although I'd be surprised if it kept that level of quality for a Saturday morning cartoon.

So yeah, go on with it, Namco! Make some kids happy, I know who the target audience is. God knows I'd rather have my kid watching this than Hannah Montana.