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This is the World's Biggest Pac-Man Game

Illustration for article titled This is the Worlds Biggest emPac-Man/em Game

Here's what you're going to do when your bored at work for the next few months: The World's Biggest Pac-Man is a brower-based version of the classic blown up to epic proportions. The game connects thousands of user-created levels like tiles to create a single immense map.


Designed by web design firm Soap Creative using HTML5, the game made its debut at Microsoft's Mix11 developer conference to show off the newly released Internet Explorer 9.


Since the overall map is huge and could take years to complete, players can choose where in the Pac-World they want to begin munching so they can get a taste of all the different options these levels present. To help explorers, the game keeps track of which maps you've tried in previous games, as well as your lifetime stats. You can also check out which countries are the best dot-eaters, and see how many levels have been played and designed by the entire community. If you ever thought; "You know, I could really use more Pac-Man in my life", your wish just came true in a very big way. []

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I dig it.. but it's just an old pet peeve of mine how Pacman clones/reproductions never really get the actual control behavior of the original. When you tap (tap and let go) in a direction that's perpendicular to your path before you hit a wall, Pacman should stop at the wall, and face that direction. In this version if you do this then Pacman will just continue on..

Not a big deal.. not even the Google recreation did this. But just something someone familiar with the arcade game would probably notice. :p