Forget that old 10-day timed trial nonsense. Warhammer Online's new trial let's you play any of the game's 24 careers as long as you like, with the new streaming client keeping things all speedy-like.

New and returning players to Mythic's MMO Warhammer Online can now play the game as long as they'd like for free, provided they don't mind being capped at level 10 until they pony up some subscription fees. Yes, it's capped, but there's still plenty to do in the tier one lands of Nordland and Norsca. Players can take all the time they want trying out each of the game's 24 professions, participating in realm versus realm battlegrounds or delving into the newly-added Hunter's Vale dungeon.


In order to facilitate easy access to the game, Mythic has also introduced a new streaming client. After an initial download of around one gig, the rest of the world streams to the player's PC as they travel, making for a relatively quick and painless introduction to the world.

"With the introduction of the endless free trial and streaming client, we are making it easier than ever for a new player to join the WAR," said Jeff Hickman, executive producer, Mythic Entertainment. "We've worked hard to create a more informative and community driven new user experience, and now we are giving players an unlimited amount of time to explore the early parts of the game at their own pace. We are confident that players new and old will find all the enhancements we've made to WAR over the past year worthy of their time and commitment."

Interested? Visit to sign up for endless level 10 limbo.

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