This is the Video Game My Mom Wants to Play

I got an email from my mother recently. She was very excited about a new video game. As someone for whom video games are a way of life, clearly this intrigued me. My mother? Intersted in a video game? Preposterous!

Not so preposterous actually. You see, my mother has very specific interests. Cooking, fitness, sending me text messages at the worst possible times, and forensic psychology.


As such, her favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI and Law & Order: SVU.

So I was only half-surprised when I opened this link in the email to find that the game she was interested in was in fact a Criminal Minds game.

However, there's a slight problem. The game looks like complete shovelware. More or less a "find the hidden object" puzzle game. I hate to offend any game developer, but with a budget as big as CBS, I think Criminal Minds deserves better.

But it begs the question. Why can't we have great video games based on TV shows? Surely the budgets are there? I'd certainly ante up for a quality video game based on the likes of CSI, NCIS or Law and Order.


In fact, I think I've been waiting my entire life to chase down and tackle a perp as Marishka Hargitay in a video game, I just didn't know it yet. Thanks, mom!


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