This is the PS Vita Game I Want Most

Sorry, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048 and all the rest of you PlayStation Vita launch games. You're not my favorite. You're not the game I most want a PS Vita for.

This game is.

It's Escape Plan, a black and white touch-controlled side-scroller about which other people at Kotaku have already been buzzing. I was behind the curve, ok? I needed to see it and play it in person, but just for a few minutes, to be smitten. It comes from development studio Fun Bits, a small Seattle team that formed from the crew that made Fat Princess. Company CEO Chris Millar talks me through a few levels in the video up top.


There's one neat thing that I experienced that isn't in the video. In a level where I was controlling Lil, I was able to make him drink coffee. Once I did, if I pinched him—by touching the front and back of the Vita with my thumb and pointer finger—that made him run fast. The game seems to be full of these clever touches (pun intended, for once).

Yeah, this one is a winner. It's also a launch Vita game, so look for it in mid-February.

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I think I would rather move the camera (and interact with the environment) with the touch screen, and move Large and Lil with the thumbsticks. Looks nice though.