This is the Non-Boring Version of Bejeweled That I Can't Stop Playing

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Bejeweled is an eye-roller. It's The Da Vinci Code of video games or the Lady Gaga or whatever your favorite example is of something that far too many people are into.

To like Bejeweled is to be common. To play it is to be as daring in taste as a person who drinks tap water.

But, have you played the Diamond Mine mode in the revamped Bejeweled on iOS? It is so much better.


It's classic Bejeweled—match three or more colored gems to eliminate them—with a single, excellent twist—the gems are sitting atop layers of dirt and treasure that you're racing against the clock to expose as you dig ever deeper. The game mode is theoretically infinite, but you'll likely stall out within a few minutes. And then you'll want to play again and again.

Diamond Mine mode, unlike vanilla Bejeweled is not a game for patient, mellow players. On my iPhone, it's my anti-Drop7, my game to play for a sudden cataclysmic bit of excitement. It's a game of constant explosions, which I guess makes it my Michael Bay of iPhone games... except no one I spy on the subway in New York City is playing it. They're still playing the regular mode in Bejeweled. So I get to play Bejeweled while still feeling snobbier than thou. I love it! I think you will too.

Diamond Mine mode first appeared in 2010's Mac and PC game Bejeweled 3. Find a way to play it. On the iPhone it's cheap. Hopefully it will be integrated to other mobile versions of Bejeweled soon.

Bejeweled [iTunes, 99 cents]

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"To like Bejeweled is to be common. To play it is to be as daring in taste as a person who drinks tap water."

I don't mean to be rude, but the opening of this article is fairly anti-social. It reeks of the douchey hipster mentality that shuns popular things just because they are popular. If it were said with a sense of humorous sarcasm that would be one thing, but this just comes across as mean spirited; doubly so since this article appeals only to the Apple crowd.